I'm sure you've all been wondering how I make the AWESOME PLOT THAT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE.

First I make a bad joke. Then make another bad joke. Then I connect them with "plot" so they flow more naturally, and the story
basically writes itself with the bad jokes.
Then I forget about the initial plot, like why was Masamune fat as a kid anyway and what happened to Takao getting his
revenge, and then the story stops making sense so I just make more bad jokes to try to cover it up.
At this point I'm kind of getting excited about the characters, so the jokes go from trying to make the readers laugh
to simply amusing myself as they become weirder and weirder - especially if readers tell me they like my sense of humor.

In the end, everything spins out of control and the story that I started working on has turned into something completely
different. For example, at first I wanted to make Masamune a tsundere character who was sooo in love with Takao, but Takao
wouldn't give him the time of day... and now he somehow turned into this rude boy who's just really spoiled and doesn't care
about anyone but himself


Mizushima, Masamune
Alias: Bocchama
Age: 17
About: He's rich and a bit of a jerk.

Ueda, Takao
Age: 27-28
About: Masamune's personal slave. He helps Masamune with everything from bathing to chewing his food.

Alias: Kitchen slut
Age: 23
About: Takao's object of affection. She works very hard for Bocchama's sake.

Saruyama, Saito
Alias: Saru/Monkey
Age: 17
About: He's a monkey.

Takao's friends
Age: 25-32
About: They're all jerks, lol.